This is a carousel. Amado Carrillo Fuentes, known as Lord of the Skies, died during a botched plastic surgery operation and now his luxury home has been auctioned to raise money for the Mexican people. The drug lord's haul raised a massive 3.6million, the largest of its kind. Narcos: Mexico | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix,, Squid Game season 2 confirmed by K-drama creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk, Where to watch Dexter: New Blood in the UK on TV and streaming. Video, The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes was arrested in October 2014, MasterChef Australia host Jock Zonfrillo dies, Banana artwork in Seoul museum eaten by visitor, Trevelyan relative 'would consider' famine payment, NFL player's daughter, aged two, drowns in pool, Four dead after suspected pigeon racer dispute, Ding becomes China's first male world chess champion, Indian 'killer' elephant relocated to tiger reserve. Melissa La Barbie Grupera Plancarte daughter of the late Enrique Kiki Plancarte, a Knights Templar cartel kingpin gave birth to her first child at a McAllen hospital, according to Breitbart Texas. It was later determined that Olague was also a known lieutenant of the Juarez Cartel. After all, there's not much that can't be accomplished with a $25 billion fortune and deep connections with the right authorities. In 1997, he checked into a Mexican hospital under a false name to have plastic surgery to alter his appearance and evade capture. Looking at his multi-billion drug empire of the 90s, people often speculate what his net worth must be at the time of his death, so lets learn more about it. Related: Narcos Mexico S3 Cast Guide: All New & Returning Characters. They also seized more than 60 properties across Mexico belonging to Carrillo and started an investigation into his relationship with police and some government officials. He's known on the street as "Blue," but the kingpins in his inner-circle and the drug agents on his tail call him "The Godfather." Some conspiracy theorists believe the man in the coffin was not Fuentes but rather one of his aides, a suggestion which has been debunked by the US Drug Enforcement Agency. In fact, in the 1999 book From Navolato I come: biography of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, journalist Jose Alfredo Andrade Bojorquez writes about how many of those who've suggested that Amado is still alive have disappeared. However, it wasn't long before the family were paying the price for working in such a dangerous industry. Carrillo Fuentes, who was known as "Lord of the Skies", died in 1997 after botched plastic surgery. The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure. I truly believe that Amado got away with it. Chillingly, the bodies of his surgeons were found some time later. He moved to Mexico City to study at the Centro de Educacin Artstica . There was only one bidder for the luxurious property in the lvaro Obregon neighbourhood and the sum he offered fell short of the $2.17m Indep had hoped to sell it for. For other inquiries, Contact Us. What happened in the restaurant threatened to usher in a new era of cartel violence. In this handout photo released by the Mexican Navy on July 16, 2013, a photo of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales after he was captured near the Texas border. Now, Yazpik resides in Mexico City. Something went wrong, please try again later. Amado did die on the surgical table, due to complications. Coronel was one of four leaders of the powerful Sinaloa Federation headed by notorious billionaire El Chapo. The FBI-backed raid and the fact he was being hunted by Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman are said to be the reason why he fled. The gruesome barrels were found abandoned along the main highway which runs between Mexico City and Acapulco. Melissa Plancarte, a singer, admitted to being the daughter of the cartel boss and posted a since-deleted photo of herself to Facebook wearing a black-and-white outfit emblazoned with red crosses, similar to the Crusades-era Knights Templar, according to the International Business Times. Amado Carrillo Fuentes, better known as El Seor de los Cielos (the Lord of the Skies), because of the fleet of aircraft he had among which there were several Boeing 727s that he used to transport drugs and have a fortune of millions of dollars was a Mexican drug trafficker. On November 7, 1997, the two doctors who performed the surgery on Carrillo were found dead, buried by cement in iron barrels; their bodies showed obvious signs of torture. After becoming a primary person of interest for the U.S. and Mexican authorities, Fuentes decided to get intense facial plastic surgery and abdominal liposuction in order to drastically change his appearance. [15], In Ciudad Jurez, the Office of the Mexican Attorney-General (PGR) seized warehouses that they believed the cartel used to store weapons and cocaine. Is climate change killing Australian wine? He was one of Mexico's most feared drug lords, wanted by the police while living a life of luxury. His uncle, Ernesto "Don Neto" Fonseca Carillo, was the leader of the Guadalajara Cartel, which is how Amado entered the drug trafficking business. During his time as one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico, Carrillo is said to have amassed a gigantic 20billion fortune. However, the man believed to have carried out the surgery was then found dead in horrific and disturbing circumstances. One of the doctors believed to have operated on top Mexican drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes just hours before his death has been found . It was estimated that he may have made over $25 billion in revenue over the course of his career.[10]. Amado Carrillo Fuentes was a smart man. The drugs kingpin was the most powerful cocaine trafficker in Mexico in the late 1990s with a personal fortune of 25bn. A grisly video was even released in 1997 said to show Fuentes in his coffin, however the face was so badly damaged it was not identifiable. The 40-year-old seemed fearless after seizing control of the Juarez drug cartel and became known as the 'Lord of the Skies' after acquiring a huge fleet of jets to transport his narcotics. Does Amado Die in Narcos: Mexico Season 3. Vicente Carrillo Fuentes was arrested in October 2014 and is awaiting sentencing in a jail in Mexico. Now Yazpik, who studied the cartel boss in detail for his role in the show, has flat-out dismissed the notion of Amado's vain demise. Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami Review, Narcos Watch Order: The Complete Guide Including Narcos Mexico. Amado Carrillo Fuentes was one of the most powerful Mexican drug lords in the 1980s and 1990s. Amado Carrillo Fuentes was the most powerful cocaine trafficker in Mexico in the late 1990s with a personal fortune of 25 BILLION. While Amado already had a considerable influence in the 80s, he truly ascended to the top of the drug world in 1993 after he seized power of the Jurez Cartel by assassinating its co-founder and his boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. Its assumed that his net worth was somewhere around $25 billion. Amado Carrillo Fuentes, known as the "Lord of the Skies" for his pioneering use of jetliners to ferry cocaine, died July 4 while recovering from plastic surgery and liposuction in a Mexico. It was later discovered that Olague was also a well-known lieutenant of the Jurez cartel. The casket with Amado Carrillo Fuentes' remains at his mother's ranch in northwestern Mexico on July 11, 1997. Jos Mara Yazpik, who plays Mexican drug trafficker Amado Carrillo Fuentes, muses on the final message in season three of the Netflix cartel series. The passport photo was real, but no one related it to the Fuentes thanks to the care with which the drug trafficker concealed his identity. The entrance to the home is by a sweeping drive with a huge courtyard, and while the kitchen now appears to be dated, in 1997 it would have been state-of-the-art. The bodies of plastic surgeon Jaime Godoy Singh and his "two assistants" were found stuffed into cement-filled oil drums. The house measures 3,500 sq m (38,000 sq ft) and boasts a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a bar and a wine cellar, as well as extensive gardens. [12], On the night of August 3, 1997, at around 9:30p.m., four drug traffickers walked into a restaurant in Ciudad Jurez, pulled out their guns, and opened fire on five diners, killing them instantly. I dont believe he died. He later went on to work with dangerous narcoterrorists and drug lords like Pablo Escobar and El Chapo. Amado Carrillo Fuentes's net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be close to $25 billion. Who was Amado Carrillo Fuentes? He was known as El Rey del Oro Blanco during his time, as he was the leader of the most powerful among the four cartels operating in Mexico: the Jurez, the Gulf, the Sinaloa, and the Tijuana cartels. "Regarding my father, I naturally love him, but I am not the one to judge him nor I am responsible for his acts, and I don't have any regrets," she said in the post. What happened in the restaurant threatened to usher in a new era of border crime in the city. The Mexico City home sold for more than $2m (1.6m) and the proceeds will go to Mexico's public . Tuesday, November 25, 1997; Page A1. (AP Photo/Attorney General's Office). The Mexican government has auctioned off the villa of the late drug lord Amado Carrillo Fuentes. Police said the bodies had been handcuffed and blindfolded. In total, the six-hour-long auction raised more than 111m Mexican pesos ($4.5m; 3.6m) the highest amount an Indep auction has so far fetched, the government body said in a statement. Carrillo Fuentes was arrested at a checkpoint in the northern city of Torreon, northern state of Coahuila. Plenty of drug lords and persons of interest have evaded capture by faking their deaths before or at least speculatively. It is currently unknown what killed the drug lord, but reports say that it could have been down to his medication or a malfunction in the respirator. Carrillo was known as the 'Lord of the Skies' because he flew shipments of cocaine on a fleet of Boeing 747sfrom Colombia to the US/Mexican border. Inside the luxury pad of Mexico's biggest drug lord killed by plastic surgery Amado Carrillo Fuentes, known as Lord of the Skies, died during a botched plastic surgery operation and now. However, during the operation, he died of complications apparently caused either by a certain medication or a malfunctioning respirator (there is very little paperwork regarding his death). ", Daughter of slain Mexican drug cartel kingpin gives birth to first child in Texas. Peter is an elder millennial, cat-father, illustrator, and freelance writer for Screen Rant. The show is not saying, Look at the fantastic life these narcos have for so many years. Or, Look how clean and wonderful the American cops are. Everything is gray, he says. It would be an understatement to say that Amado is resourceful. I got to speak to them and hear a whole bunch of stories. He was also a man who was running out of time in the series finale of Netflix's Narcos: Mexico . In Chile, he sought to invest following the advice of the lawyer Hctor Novoa Vzquez, who was, after that, subjected to a process for his ties to the Jurez cartel. The Hollywood Reporter is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Before the death of the famous Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Escobar, Amado Carrillo controlled the Jurez Cartel; the former produced its drugs, while the latter bought and distributed it, since Amado Carrillo was the operational leader for all of North America. Due to the increasing pressure demanding his arrest, he underwent plastic surgery and liposuction to change his appearance but died on the table, either from a specific medication or due to a malfunctioning respirator. But I could be wrong., The DEA confirmed Fuentes death in 1997 and, when questions circulated about if he could be alive, the agency responded with a statement: The rumor has as much credibility as the millions of sightings of the late Elvis Presley., But Yazpik cites corruption on both sides of the border a running theme in the Narcos franchise as reason to speculate. Powered by VIP. Hes one of the few guys who said, Thats enough. And he planned everything and he left. The Lord of the Skies, unlike Pablo Escobar, was discreet and learned that it was not good to appear on the news. Two months before Amado Carrillo passed away, he had lost his main operator, General Jos de Jess Gutirrez Rebollo; this military man had a reputation for being unwavering, tough, and forceful, and after leading many arrests of retail traffickers, he was appointed head of the fight against drugs in Mexico. He died as a result of the botched operation, which included liposuction. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. Much has been speculated on whether Carrillo really died in the hospital where the events occurred. So he was this family guy a sensitive, funny, caring, protective criminal, Yatzpik says. On the one hand, this couldve been the work of the Juarez Cartel, as revenge for inadvertently killing their boss, confirming Amados death. Most believe that is where he is now living the life of luxury with the girlfriend who disappeared days after his funeral. Mexican authorities declined to comment on the motives for the murder, saying the shooting was not related to Carrillos death. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. We can only then guess how many smaller planes he had. We all feel fear and love and loss. [13] Police estimated that more than 100 bullet casings were found at the crime scene. AMADO Carrillo Fuentes was one of the most notorious drug lords of all time. Amado was part of an expansive family, as he had 11 other siblings. The drugs trade was a family business for Carrillo, who learned how to become one of the most dangerous in Mexico at his uncle's knee. Amado soon had over 30 Boeing 727s and several other private jets. When asked if he has given thought to how Fuentes would feel about his overall performance, the actor replies: I imagine him drinking some tequila somewhere in Europe and just going, I never wore black, cmon guys.'. He was so afraid he was going to be caught, Carrillo came up with a plan to alter his appearance so dramatically, including liposuction, that he would never be recognised. This resulted in complications that led to Amados death on the surgical table. If at that time it was a good choice to say, Hes dead, lets worry about something else, then he was dead.. Meanwhile, political and social corruption was deepening in all areas, even among the nationalist military sectors that were more reticent to alliances with the North Americans. During the time that the business dominated, very few journalists dared to write anything about it. Born, raised, and still based in Metro Manila, Philippines, Peters knowledge of geekdom was forged in the lagging fires of 56kbps Internet and dodgy forums, and now burns bright with the light of Netflix and downloads. ''The rumour (he is alive) has as much credibility as the millions of sightings of the late Elvis Presley,'' they have said. Carrillo's death set off a no-holds-barred battle among drug traffickers in which at least 30 people have died, Sen. Francisco Molina was quoted by the daily La Jornada as saying. Carrillo also owned several planes and weapons. Despite today's announcements, many people continue to beleive that Mr. Carrillo Fuentes is alive. What Does the End of Narcos: Mexico Mean for Carillo Fuentes? Amado Carrillo Fuentes, commonly referred to as Carrillo, grew up with 11 siblings. The stunning home, which is in one of the best neighbourhoods, is surrounded by huge and lush gardens. Its very hard to talk about these people because you sort of get to know them. By Douglas Farah. But I think he got away. He eventually became the head of the Juarez Cartel after killing his friend and former boss, Rafael Aguilar Guajardo. Sign up for THR news straight to your inbox every day, Inside the business of TV with breaking news, expert analysis and showrunner interviews. As well as being one of Mexico's biggest drug dealers, Carrillo was also a prolific money launderer shifting cash from Mexico to Columbia, which he used to finance his fleet of jets. July 7, 1997. Mexican marines killed Enrique Plancarte in March 2014 after he opened fire on them and refused to surrender, The Associated Press reported last year. Arellano Sanchez was detained last night while watching the match Mexico vs Croatia in Tecate community, Baja California State, Mexico. Amado, who had a top Mexican general on his payroll, ran a fleet of cargo planes that flew cocaine from Colombia to the Mexico-U.S. border. In her 2013 book,Narcoland, investigative journalist Anabel Hernndez reported that the deceaseds fingerprints matched those of one Dagoberto Rodrguez, a man once arrested alongside Coronel in 1993. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. And there, Amados small toy plane is seen lying on Martas grand piano. If you do bad stuff, youre probably not going to get away with it. Mexico's apprehension of the world's most-wanted drug boss struck a blow to a cartel that local and U.S. authorities say swelled into a multinational empire, fueling killings around the world. They had been strangled and at least one shot in the neck. 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He had eleven siblings. After Amado died, the DEA observed the identification procedures at the funeral home where Amados body was being held, leading the agency to confirm his death. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo), Boozy Hill Country golf course tees off in New Braunfels, What to know about the invasive hammerhead flatworms in Texas, Cardi B speaks out on viral 'mean girls' TikTok at Astros game, Highest-rated restaurants for tacos in San Antonio, according to. Furthermore, Hernndez revealed that doctors placed his age at 40 to 45, but Coronel would have been 56 at the time. Carrillo's brother, Vicente, is believed to have taken over his sibling's empire following his death and is currently awaiting trial in Mexico. After the fall of Military Commander Rebollo, the US government pressured Mexico to detain Carrillo. The father, better known by his nickname,"The Lord of The. TWO FACED El Chapo rival Amado Carrillo Fuentes who featured in Narcos 'faked death by giving corpse plastic surgery to look like him so he could escape FBI and start new life in Cuba' The. A top federal police official, said Plancarte died Monday after marines spotted him walking down a street in the central state of Queretaro. In real life, Fuentes carried the same nickname and infamous technique of drug smuggling by air. In the months before his death the then 41-year-old visited Cuba where he made investments aimed at establishing a new home. We have expressed our doubt towards any and all conspiracy theories surrounding Carillo faking his own debt, but the show leaves it pretty much open. Later that same year, Bojorquez himself disappeared, further fueling rumors that Amado is not only alive but is also somehow responsible for these disappearances. That was a big part of him, to take care of his kids and to be with them as much as possible. His association with wanted criminals had earned him a lot of notoriety by the end of the 80s, but no one expected what was coming in the following decade. However, the US Drugs Enforcement Agency has compared the unlikely claims to those that Elvis Presley is still alive. Reportedly, Olague had run into the restaurant from across the street with a gun in his hand to check out the commotion. The shows third round took the narrative back to the infancy of the Mexican drug war and introduced a handful of new characters.

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