Headkrack, a former member of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, has been hosting The Morning Hustle since it was launched into syndication in 2020. Published on July 12, 2021 The Morning Hustle Featured Video If you haven't noticed, our girl Angie Ang has a new look. Dr. Ian Smith joins The Morning Hustle for all the latest coronavirus updates, including the variants and what that could mean for vaccine distribution. I think weve asked a lot of you today. The Amazon founder and billionaire was with partner Lauren Sanchez and famous friends, Kris and Kendall Jenner. analyse how our Sites are used. Ive always had a financial to-do list. Isabel Berwick What would you recommend regarding your first credit card?, which Im gonna take, is taking one out or choosing or getting one in the first place. Diamond might be back at the Pynk real soon after he was fired from his job. This is a really common question that listeners of Money Clinic podcast ask us a lot. If Ive got time, I will reply to them. Lance Venta is Owner and Publisher of RadioInsight.com. So you dont need to think about things more than once. So lets dive straight into the recording. Claer Barrett Our thanks to FT Live and to FLIC, the FTS charity promoting financial literacy and inclusion, for organising that webinar on what they dont teach you about money. Lance also advises stations, talent and brands on digital content strategies, programming integrations, and brand extensions. We care about your data. Dont get out of your depth. quite a lot of questions about children. (laughter). Claer Barrett Yeah, lots of people are looking at this at the moment. Nov 6, 2008 #13. Martin Lewis, the patron saint of personal finance in the UK, he was talking about it on Wednesday on ITV, how people are copying him. How about you? Claer Barrett I do write things down. Isabel Berwick Yeah. You know, thats the step one. And she says, you know, youve got to ask for help if youre in problem debt. Im extremely excited to be joining The Morning Hustle, said Santillian. The company can confirm that Headkrack is no longer with the Morning Hustle as his contract expired and we didnt come to terms on a new agreement prior to the expiration, a statement from Reach Media/Urban One read. Im Isabel Berwick, host of Working It, the FTs Work and Careers podcast. Birmingham AL WALJ-FM 105.1 He slips left to De Bruyne, who enters the box down the channel . The obvious one is house deposit. As of Tuesday, January 26th, there have been a reported 421K total deaths in the United States. Follow @morninghustleam Buying a handset? And I thought it was way off. Lester Raynel Ruffin, professionally known as HeadKrack, is an American radio host, YouTuber, actor, rapper, host on the TV show Dish Nation.According to the 2023 estimates, the Headkrack Net Worth is around $5 million.Lately, HeadKrack, whose real name is Lester Raynel Ruffin, has been performing as one of the hosts of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Angie Ange also brings tons of live radio expertise as a longtime host with Washington, D.C.s 93.9 WKYS and Her Royal Hypeness will surely bring more of the same. Whats your advice to people whove already got out of their depth? Isabel Berwick Do you write them down? And I think that with the demise of things like paper rounds and sassy jokes housing your kids towards passing their exams, this is unfortunately part of learning about money that everyone is missing out on. Major tech companies such as Google and Microsoft compete for AI dominance, causing the race to accelerate. Yes. Tap in to some of the newest music released this week including new projects from Masego and Young Nudy and a track from Babyface & Ari Lennox. Yes. But let me say some positives about TikTok, Instagram and social media. So if youre buying one thing a month on it, paying it back in full when the bill comes in, maybe even set up a direct debit to pay the amount off in full thats a good habit to get into. And you would hope that the value of your investments might have a better chance of outperforming inflation. Isabel Berwick But I think theres a big piece here about mental health. Isabel Berwick No, I think thats a great point, actually. Its you know, its a very personal decision. Claer Barrett Sure. Well send you a myFT Daily Digest email rounding up the latest Transcript news every morning. Kanye West's school, Donda Academy, is being sued by two former employees who claim racial discrimination and inferior teaching standards. The news of Headkrack's departure from The Morning Hustle has left many wondering whether he was fired from the show or decided to quit. I think, you know, that made it acceptable to say, actually, Ive got money problems. Headkrack Exits Reach Medias The Morning Hustle.. Manchester City 3-0 Arsenal (De Bruyne 54) Haaland snaffles possession in the middle of the park and steams off down the middle. So I would suggest you have a listen to that. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. So someones asked what factors should I consider when deciding how much to keep in cash for an emergency fund? Ive got cash savings as well. (laughter) Its just been fantastic. Santillian will be accompanied by incumbent co-host Monica Lorel Torres as Headkrack exits. The biggest, biggest thing to watch out for: red flag alert on social media, anyone asking you for money, anyone telling you to invest in a particular thing, especially if its cryptocurrency, because I get people who cloned my account on Instagram, copy all of my posts. You need to have a system for filing your either physical paperwork or digital paperwork, so you can find things, you know whats coming up. You know, anxiety is the biggest one, especially at the moment, and Im really, really glad to see that people whove, tell me that they feel anxious about their money have tuned in today. And its been wonderful and thank you so much for joining us. And I like to have nice stationery. Frankly, I didnt build up bigger debts. Because seeing how people react to this, it reminds you this is a real thing. My first book, you may have heard about it on the . And the feeling Im gonna hold onto is the feeling when I shot the Hello Kitty folder, having dealt with all of the things or some of the things with my financial to-do list, that feeling of like Im getting on top of this, Im taking smaller steps towards becoming a better financial me. Can you tell us a little bit about how that fits in? Today's motivation comes from Steve Jobs on his birthday. I think often, you know, when people get together, they didnt realise that the other one has debt problems. But we need to kind of share information with them to sort of desensitise them a bit, but not too much to make them feel insecure. Youve mentioned the magic of Isas. And, you know, gifts, jewellery, flowers, you know, the expectations around things like Valentines Day. Raleigh NC WQOK-FM 97.5 Because I like to use internet banking where you set up different goals and automate direct debits on payday so (imitates typing sound) you know, automate automatically, fill them up. Claer Barrett Im Claer Barrett, Isabels colleague and host of the FTs personal finance show, Money Clinic. And I particularly like this coffee table. And then youve got like things like travelling, investing in your, you know, ongoing training and development. But like even on LinkedIn, like people often send me messages as a journalist on LinkedIn and ask me what a career in journalism is like. So, you know, talk, communicate, get advice. Savvy fans might remember Headkrack from his time on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, and they can expect more of his hard-hitting commentary on all things Hip-Hop and Pop Culture. Elijah Connor Talks "Grown & Gospel," Going Viral With Diddy, & More! If you dont keep spending on maintenance, then youre storing up problems for the future. I think they get worried about leaving, but theyre actually being made sick by their job. Dont feel like youve got to sort it all out in one go because thats just totally overwhelming. As previously noted, Kyle is a new addition to the show and not a replacement for Headkrack.. The Morning Hustle. If you take a long-term view, things like FIRE financial independence, retire early thats very US concept. Action: Mike Dee, Tim Murphy, Steele Upped To PM Drive, WJJK/Indianapolis, Mailing Address: 25876 The Old Road #254, Valencia, CA 91381. I mean, there was a question from a university professor that I saw in the list earlier on about like, whats the the single most important thing that I should teach, you know, really young people, teenagers, often about personal finance? Isabel Berwick Yes. "Take the difference and propagate it forward. Grab a copy of the FT Weekend newspaper or follow me on Instagram. More Alleged Abuse Victims of Jonathan Majors Come Forward, Elon Musk Insists George Washington Was More Than A Slave Owner, Bill Maher Stans, L's & Found: Nike Restocking Air Jordan 1 "Lost and Found" This Week, Allegedly, 15 Music Stars Who Had Disturbing Relationships With Their Entourages [Photos], BET Uncut Is Not Coming Back; Here's Its 15 Wildest Videos Anyway, 7 Black Musicians Who Died of AIDS [PHOTOS], The 15 Best Celebrity Shoots For Playboy Mags Nude Edition [Photos]. So you dont want to be investing money that you might need back in a couple of years time because if stock markets fall and you cant leave your money in there sequentially, reinflate as they get better over time, then youre gonna be taking your money out and crystallising that loss. I can do it because well, too often I mean, you know, with the Working It podcast, theres a lot of imposter syndrome and lack of self-belief, especially if were trying to do something different in our lives, change our relationship with money. Give Aunty Claer her card. But nevertheless, you know, they know that its a transaction, but they dont see the value. But one of my earliest money mistakes was taking my eye off the ball when it came to a store card from a certain Swedish furniture retailer. Four Girls Arrested in Fatal Stabbing Of 15-Year-Old in Louisiana Walmart, Ciera Paytons Followers Influenced Her To Study Wendy Williams Long Before She Auditioned [WATCH], Ashanti Reveals What She Was REALLY Doing On Her Phone During Keyshia Cole Verzuz Battle [WATCH], Whos Cappin?! Entrepreneur and its related marks are registered trademarks of Entrepreneur Media Inc. Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, is concerned about what will happen if AI gets into the wrong hands. And it wasnt that they didnt know what to do. And it just made me feel differently about money. Singer DaniLeigh appears to be digging herself a deeper hole with another apology stemming from the Yellow Bone controversy. So its like, I want to be an investor, I want to be an investor. But actually anyone who works for a company already is an investor through their company pension. Headkrack assumed the lead role in the replacement program for Smileys urban contemporary affiliates after Smiley succeeded the retired Tom Joyner on urban AC stations that previously carried Joyner. But if youre in a regular paid job and you know that if you do get made redundant, youre gonna get a redundancy pay-off, then maybe you dont need quite so much. Selling stuff online. Isabel Berwick So its sort of magic, but many people are not too aware of whats going on. Isabel Berwick So Im gonna move on to some stuff about the Internet, which I think is huge. THE MORNING HUSTLE is the freshest program in broadcast with an entertaining, humorous and informative take on urban pop culture from the Millennial and Generation Z point of view, meant to wake up its audience to the beat of today's Hip Hop. I mean, weve talked a little bit about, you know, setting intentions and things like that. Isabel Berwick I saved up week by week for a dollar called a Sasha doll, which is now worth a huge amount of money. Lots and lots of ways you can get them thinking about it without sort of making them money mad, which I think a lot of parents are also worried about, and the cost of living crisis getting them to be worried because they see on the news all the time, you know, inflation is spiralling. Copyright 2023 RadioInsight / RadioBB Networks. Like the scientists and thought leaders who signed the open letter a few months ago, Hinton is concerned with the speed at which AI technology is advancing. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Ive got money that Im building up for short-term expenditure. Hit us on social and give us some suggestions that we. Ive always, I mean, I found it quite difficult to manage my money when I was in my early twenties. Well talk more about pensions later because there is free money on the table from your employer. But you know, every time you get an opportunity to give your child a little ad hoc maths lesson, you know, like youre paying for the bills somewhere, challenge them to do the math. So when it comes to teaching kids about money, yes, the physicality of money is hard to replicate. . The show is currently utilizing rotating guest in the third slot, with comedian Lil Duval filling-in this week. Dont bottle things up. The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison Steps Down After Racism Controversy [WATCH], Angies Motivation: If Today Was The Last Day Of My Life Steve Jobs, Hip Hop Spot: Everything Bobby Shmurda Did Upon His Release From Prison [WATCH], Tamar Braxton Shares Why She Wasnt Surprised By Birdman Being Tonis Type [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW], Whos Cappin?! The late great Khia "K-Swift" Edgerton gave him his start on 92Q as the producer of "Off The Hook Radio" with Reggie Reg. Tamar Braxton is spilling all the tea on her life, her podcast, her relationship with WeTV, and her sister's relationship with Birdman. The Quicksilva Show with Dominique Da Diva. He moved up in the ranks after that, becoming the co-host of "Rap Attack." His sharp, funny wit got him a spot on "The Big Phat Morning Show." Comments have not been enabled for this article. Joining. @MorningHustleAM. In an Instagram story this morning, Headkrack wrote, Had to do what I had to do. Claer Barrett. So all of those things are fine. By Claer Barrett And you still have the doll? The Morning Hustle | India Monee', Justin Thomas. I thought it was 30 to 50 years or even longer away. After being unable to come to terms on a new contract, the change in hosts was made, Inside Radio has learned. What would be your top tips for teaching financial knowledge to children? Your money personality and how to change it, US says more than 20,000 Russian forces killed in Ukraine since December, The Big Dig: Germany reopens its mines in quest for mineral self-sufficiency, Chinas local governments stuck with bill for neighbourhood surveillance, US government risks running out of cash as soon as June 1, Yellen warns, Italy unveils measures to boost flexibility in labour market, JPMorgan to acquire First Republics deposits as US regulators step in, Charlie Munger: US banks are full of bad commercial property loans, Disney uses Ron DeSantiss own words against him in free speech lawsuit, Deutsche Bank plans to beef up investment bank advisory team, How Jamie Dimon swooped on the remains of First Republic, Totals chief tells investors European listing to blame for oil groups trading discount, The difference between First Republic and other recent bank failures, US live news updates from May 1: JPMorgan to acquire First Republics deposits, Morgan Stanley to cut 3,000 jobs, S&P criticised by pension funds over dual-class shares decision, China, America and why not all growth is equal, China could play a crucial role in ending the war in Ukraine, Why Arsenals struggles show you shouldnt count out Donald Trump, Labour has leverage to carry out private equity tax reform, The costs of entrenched high inflation cannot be ignored, Twill of the people: the workwear staple that never gets old, The best new sci-fi: action-packed plots and pure nerdstalgia. I mean, some gold digger (inaudible) might, you know, dump them and move on. So it looks like its me and then theyll message you knowing that youre one of my followers and just say something really innocuous like, Hi, how you doing? And you think, Huh! Then you can make a more informed decision and if you do need to cut it, if thats the only lever you can pull, then try to resolve to start paying in again as soon as you can. Huntsville-Decatur AL WEUP-FM 103.1 And now weve sort of moved on to investing. A video of a 6-year-old being handcuffed went viral after people were outraged over the footage. Catch up with everything you missed over the weekend from Kim & Kanye seems like they are finally calling it quits and why Twitter thought DaBaby was dissing a Disney star in his new song! They could see that their female partners in particular were so frazzled and so busy trying to juggle all the different elements of life that actually their personal finances were being neglected. You could also take a peek at our website, ft.com/money. Headkrack explains, Is Your Leadership Style More Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? So number one: FT and FLIC, which is an FT-backed charity, we absolutely think that personal finance should be on the school curriculum in a big way. But we mustnt let it ruin our lives, educate ourselves, and empower ourselves to get into a better place. Its easier to pay for things like hotels and higher calls if they want to do a swipe. And this week, a double billing: Working It and Money Clinic have joined forces. Reach Media's "The Morning Hustle" is down to two hosts as Angie Ange has departed the show to focus on growing her digital media company "38Madison". See our privacy policy. Claer Barrett No. In an interview with the New York Times, Hinton talked about his decision to leave Google, where he was co-founder of Google Brain, a research team that develops artificial intelligence systems. And I found that extraordinary in a way, because if you were an accountant, you think that you would look after yourself first and others next. Exactly the situation that you mentioned is, Oh, you know, lets do this, lets do that. You know, youre in the first throes of romance. Ange was the original host of the show when it launched locally in Washington DC on Radio One Hip Hop 93.9 WKYS in July 2018. Something we learn in journalism is that dont be afraid to ask the stupid question. Im looking at whats coming up. See our privacy policy. In fact, I think I was the personal finance editor of a national newspaper at the time, and I had a fling with someone that lasted about six weeks. We care about your data. They do online appointments. Im gonna take it out. And unfortunately, the double-edged sword of the apps is like, yes, its easy to get started. Because people, there was an element of shame of not knowing in the first place, but there really shouldnt be. Ashanti discusses all the viral moments from her battle with Keyshia Cole, from the music, the subtle jabs, what she was doing on her phone, and if they really unfollowed each other on social media! Claer Barrett (Chuckles) OK. Well, I mean, the theory is what my biggest money mistake was not starting a pension until I was 30. Copyright 2023 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2020 RAMP Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Her book is What They Dont Teach You About Money, available in paperback from all good online and in real-life bookstores. He squashed rumors about him and NBA YoungBoy not being cool, his relationship status, and critics who say he can't have fun and speak about issues facing the Black Community. Lance also advises stations, talent and brands on digital content strategies, programming integrations, and brand extensions. But you must treat that responsibly. Having a long-term plan and sticking to it is definitely the way to go. The Quicksilva Show with Dominique Da Diva, Minorities and Mental Health Video Series, Hip Hop Spot: Cardi B Defends The Decision to Post Picture of Man Who Robbed Her Cousin at Gunpoint [VIDEO], Wendy Williams Opens Up About How Her Battle With Drug Addiction Began [WATCH], Whos Cappin?! Kanye's Donda Academy Sued: Alleged Racism, Short Pay & Sushi Overload. Hinton has many concerns about AI. The beloved host revealed in June that Rickey would succeed him as the morning anchor following his retirement at the end of 2019. And then when you take money out of your pension, yes, you will pay some tax, but you will also get a quarter of it, your tax-free lump sum, free of tax. The Morning Hustle | 92q Staff Introducing 'The Morning Hustle' Radio Show With Headkrack, Angie Ange & More Next Monday, a new nationally syndicated radio show will hit the daytime airwaves featuring some familiar faves. It was a Mexican standoff where both corners backed away with guns drawn. So shes become a financial expert basically through her own life experience, which makes her the budget meister if you want to follow her. Why are you working until 10PM on." Simran Boparai on Instagram: "What drives you to get up in the morning and chase your dreams? It happened at a Red Lobster in York, PA. Footage shows restaurant employees forcefully removing the patron from the main entrance. Lore'l had to give "Who's Cappin?!" We care about your data. Nice to hear from you. And I say, Do you want to make some extra money on the side? Or, Ive got a great side hustle idea. You can imagine where it goes. Copyright 2023 RadioInsight / RadioBB Networks. And Ive done a whole chapter on that in the book. Reach Medias The Morning Hustle is down to two hosts as Angie Ange has departed the show to focus on growing her digital media company 38Madison. Isabel Berwick We had loads of questions from webinar viewers on everything from how to handle debts, to what financial advice young people should be getting. If you want that career advice. You know, should you think about paying down your mortgage rather than taking out an Isa? But as a way of getting started, dipping your toe in the water, I think, you know, absolutely fine. And if anyones got a job interview coming up, its a brilliant question to ask at the end of the job interview. Im @ClaerB. We use By Joseph Allen Mar. Columbus GA (Opelika, AL) WBFA-FM 98.3 Columbus OH WBMO-FM 106.3 . Townson On What It Took To Get Into Character For Her Role As Salt In The Salt-N-Pepa Biopic [WATCH], Whos Cappin?! And then to find out actually that your partners in debt because of all of this can be a big shock. Visit our, Kyle Santillian Joins The Morning Hustle As Headkrack Exits, Beasley Appoints Mike Cutchall As Las Vegas VP/Market Manager, Ramona Halloway To Move From WLNK Mornings to Radio One Charlotte Community Affairs Manager, Cort Johnson Joins 98.1 The Breeze For Mornings As Jack Kulp Retires, Christen Limon Rises To KYSR Music Coordinator, WKHX Launches Amanda & Garrett In Middays. But conveniently, that was also the topic of last weeks episode. Headkrack breaks down what Cardi B said about her decision to post a Twitter photo of a man accused of robbing her cousin at gunpoint, a new release from Fred The Godson, and what you need to watch this weekend in the Hip Hop Spot on The Morning Hustle. Isabel Berwick Yeah. And importantly, how you can change that and shift your money mindset. Can you tell the viewers what that was? ET Weve got the best workplace and management stories from across the FT. Sign up at ft.com/newsletters. Ft. Smith-Fayetteville AR KQIS-AM 1340 & 105.3 So I think weve had a separate question on that. I mean, youve got to work together as a couple on your finances. And when it comes to goals, how do you set them? Isabel Berwick. Isabel Berwick You just do one thing at a time. And that one person must pay for everything. Claer Barrett Oh, thats a very good one. Memphis TN KXHT-FM 107.1 She is currently the family's bread winner and when Derrick (Jordan Cox) didn't get the job he thought was a . Because youre involved with the Financial Times FLIC campaign, financial literacy and inclusion. Im thinking: Im 46 now. Having a credit card can be a good idea because youre building up a history of being able to borrow money and pay it back, borrow money and pay it back. Today, Urban One Inc.s Reach Media and Radio One announced that Kyle Santillian, one of Chicagos most popular personalities, is joining the nationally syndicated show The Morning Hustle. So were not refunding you and this kind of stuff happens again and again and again. Lance Venta is Owner and Publisher of RadioInsight.com. (laughter) Im not intending to withdraw any of the money in my stocks and shares Isa until I am at least 60 years old. Getting a contract? But unless we understand it, we may not be making the most of it. Augusta GA WTHB-FM 96.9 Lore'l is calling CAP on the Joe Exotic, his limo, and thinking he was actually getting pardoned from Donald Trump! We'll be in your inbox every morning Monday-Saturday with all the days top business news, inspiring stories, best advice and exclusive reporting from Entrepreneur.

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