", "Subscription Settings" for one of your Apps, the Snippet Installation Guide in the Pendo Help Center, Convert Time to/from epoch (milli)seconds, Completely re-initialize the Agent with new. The time period for the rows is not specified here; it is part of the time series specification instead. A sample integration key is included in all of the read-only examples so you can test any of them right away. Compared to Pendo, UserGuidings user onboarding features are much more extensive and significantly more affordable while its analytics functions are limited. Returns a JSON list of all versions of a guide, from current to oldest. Name of the action that a user has performed (required), Unique string identifier for the visitor (required), Unique string identifier for the account to which the visitor belongs (strongly recommended), time (in milliseconds after the epoch) that the event occurred (required), Free-form object of properties of the event (optional). particular value being mapped. Pendo trademarks, product names, logos and other marks and designs are trademarks of Pendo.io, Inc. or its subsidiaries and may not be used without permission. To find your , navigate to your Subscription Settings and choose your app. Object representing the targeted segment rules. P.S. Returns a JSON list of all guides for a subscription. Connect with the worlds largest community of passionate product people, brought to you by Pendo. Sending unaccepted date format data into a date field can have unexpected consequences for any data entries or edits. Format is an, Eliminates rows whose named field looks like an anonymous visitorId, Returns the first N rows and discards the rest, Builds a new row (while discarding the old one) containing one or more fields. Object of information about a user browser session provided only when an event is being tracked on behalf of that browser session. Note: Visitor history is limited to the last 180 days. Pendo is a popular user onboarding tool that companies rely on since it brings together the three most important aspects of a good quality user engagement flow: Today I will be digging deep into the third part, the further help options that Pendo helps you provide. The step is of the following form: { expand : { outputFieldName : { dataType : idFieldName } } }. This means a list of integers will not work. This tool doesnt have a direct resource center feature, but their checklists are pretty stretchy and can be adjusted to act as a resource center if you are in desperate need for a cheap resource center. Additionally, the following functions can be used inside of the JavaScript for Guides to control the currently displayed Guide or Guide Step by emitting the corresponding Guide Events. For customers using subaccounts, only the subaccounts are returned unless { "parentAccounts" : true } is specified as a parameter, in which case only the parent accounts are returned. list of the results. Create tours, tooltips, and surveys without coding. Contains step properties such as the. The listField must specify a list of objects. The == and != operators treat null as a distinct value (so null == null but null != false) and any other operator which has null as a parameter returns null as its value (so 1 + null == null). Ideally, the features you believe add value to the user experience will also correlate with continued usage of your product. The element path that indicates where the feature can be found (blank if not applicable). Let our users tell you all of the ways they use Pendo at their organizations. Returns all Guides that have "Automatic" activation method. Unless the tool allows you to create a knowledge base from scratch (which is rare), this is standard practice for third-party tools. Usetiful will help you create no-code product tours, checklists, hotspots, and feature update alerts. Using Pendos Resource Center, you can provide further help for the confused end-users. Here I am today, diving deep into what Intercom is and what it isnt to help you find the best help desk software that fits your needs. Each of the read-only examples below contain a sample integration key that can be used to query mock data. Attributes related to the badge activation type. The useragent operation parses the user agent string in the field input and renders it into a object in output. Do not use cookies for storing any values, defaulting to in-memory storage only. What Features Are Included In Pendo Resource Center? NOTE: any undocumented functionality you encounter while inspecting the pendo namespace should be considered either internal or experimental and is subject to change. They take sources of Pendo data and apply operators to do computations. Returns the configuration options for the report such as the columns included, and any segment related information present. For onboarding (and activation in general) to be successful, users need to find value in your product quickly and easilyotherwise, they might not come back. All of the charts, graphs, and reports displayed in the main Pendo application are generated using similar queries. Which features do users engage with the most? Gets a visitor object using an Visitor ID. The {guideid} referenced below can be found at the end of the URL when viewing an individual guide details page. The guide can be in any state. The largest community of product people online. Slow down. This includes click, page load, metadata, and guide events. This course (plus optional certification) is designed to teach students how to build and maintain a Pendo subscription. ), Select a specific cell in the table to view lists of both retained visitors and dropped visitorsanalyze the dropped visitors to identify any patterns, or build a Pendo in-app guide targeted to these users to re-engage them, Navigate to Behavior, and then to Retention to view the Retention table, In order to understand feature retention, select a specific page, feature, or track event under the Source setting (instead of All Activity), The chart now reflects retention filtered by activity of the selected page, feature, or track eventtake note of the impact of the selected page, feature, or track event on user retention, Continue to select other features that you believe are high valueif they show low retention, you may want to consider using in-app guides to improve discoverability, If youve recently launched a new feature, use the Retention chart to see if its helping to increase overall user retention (If its showing high retention, the feature may be a strong activation point that you want to drive new users to during onboarding). They appear in the left-nav of our UI. Reset the guide seen records for a particular visitor with ID {visitorId}. For example, in this URL https://app.pendo.io/admin/app/5629499534213120 the appId is 5629499534213120. Grenoble is rich in museums and historic landmarks with its Place Notre-Dame, a 13th-century cathedral, the Muse de l'Ancien vch and Fontaine des Trois Ordres, which commemorates the 1788 events leading to the French Revolution. The {accountId} referenced below can be found on the accounts list page or at the end of the url when viewing an account details page. Which features and pages are users having trouble with? Among the analytics and engagement features, the resource center is the most primitive one with limited capabilities. Manufacturing accounts for 18.3% of the region's value added and provides employment for . This button displays the currently selected search type. Pendo Academy Learn Pendo products and best practices for being product-led. Want to learn more about Pendo? We use conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. steps include a single item for lightboxes, tooltips, banners, etc. Once you understand whats available in the row sources, youll be well on your way to knowing whats possible overall. API call to get the type-specific object associated with this event (not applicable to untagged pages). Displays various metadata for the specified account. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success, codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that failed given the information provided (e.g., a required parameter was omitted, a resource was not able to be found or updated, etc.). Counts the number of input rows and returns a single row of the form, Keeps a running total of more than one field, and includes the current value of the total in each row. They return a row of data for each unique combination of day/hour, visitorId, accountId, server name, and IP address. Only sources which cause a single pipeline to be instantiated may be used; this means dayRange, hourRange, or any source whose count is 1 is available. Also referred to as the activation method. How do I create a resource center in Pendo? The three parameter form of map() is more general and works on lists of any type. Dont have access to our API but still want to try things out? The element path that indicates where the tooltip or badge points to (blank if not applicable). Format is an, Sorts the rows by the specified field list. After analyzing user retention for your whole application, its useful to examine retention at the feature level, and specifically at an individual features ability to keep users engaged. The timestamp in milliseconds when the guide step was last updated. Our goal is to provide product teams with the information they need to do their jobs better and make day-to-day decisions easier. With our product analytics capabilities, you can determine which features users embrace and ignore and how they navigate across your product portfolio. So what should a resource center be like? You can also include your engagements (your product tours) and custom web links within these bots. With our product analytics capabilities, you can determine which features users embrace and ignore and how they navigate across your product portfolio. Pendo makes it easier to capture and prioritize customer feature requests, so that customers remain at the center of your planning process. The unique identifier for the current version of the feature. Pendo Resource center is a feature which allows you to provide further help for the confused end-users. As customers continue using your product, youll want to ensure theyre continuing to interact with its key featuresthe ones you know correlate with outcomes like adoption and positive customer sentiment. List of fields whose values match in each grouping, Set of fields whose values are aggregated across the group. It also requires either a count of the number of periods to include in the aggregation or an expression which evaluates to the last time period to include in the aggregation. If visitor has multiple responses to the same poll, only the, Returns one row for every Track Event for the requested time period. Each event has a name and properties. These are visible for a specified time period. Takes no parameters, and returns each row without changing it. The short answer to what can we access with the Pendo API is: all the major entities, day/hour summaries for feature and page usage, and event level data for guide activity and polls. Connect with the worlds largest community of passionate product people, brought to you by Pendo. Learn more about what makes our offering stand out and why leading companies choose Pendo. Technical Support Resources As for the paid plans, users across the internet claim that the pricing of Gainsight PX starts from $500/user/month, which is way above the average digital adoption platform cost. Returns JSON array of comma separated featureIds specified in the request. Below, youll find ten questions about your users that you can use Pendo data to answer, each with step-by-step instructions and a video showing the steps in action. Each action is known as an event. All input data rows for the specified time period are fed into the aggregation pipeline. For more information and a step-by-step guide to installing and configuring visitor and account metadata for your application via the Pendo snippet, review the Snippet Installation Guide in the Pendo Help Center. Unique identifier for the visitor or account. We also think its important to ensure customers know their feedback was heard, so weve built in ways to keep users in the loop about which requests are completed, in-progress, or planned. In Agent versions 2.10+, you can debug and troubleshoot Guides with our debugging tool.

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